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What Replaced the Police in Portland is Headed Our Way

I awoke last week to a startling news item making its way across social media channels – you may have seen it, too. It’s a video clip of BLM-organized protesters in Portland who forced a man out of his truck and beat him to the brink of death. One protester eventually knocked him out with a very powerful roundhouse kick to the head (ironically, that protester was wearing a “Security” shirt.) “Protesters” then rifled through the things in his truck as he lay on the ground unconscious and bleeding. He was eventually taken to a hospital, though his status is not currently known.

The sort of violence gripping the streets of Portland is instigated by the same leftist bullies who are attempting to control the streets of Seattle – the same group who infiltrated the Seattle City Council, started a recall effort against the mayor, and then forced the black, female police chief out of her job.

Let me be clear: these aren’t protesters; they’re anarchists using the guise of protest to shield violence and law-breaking activities from criticism and law enforcement action. And most would say it’s working; the area District Attorney recently announced that most of the protesters who have been arrested in Portland wouldn’t be charged with any crimes.

Nothing deters crime like a slap on the wrist pat on the back.

The individual(s) responsible for this heinous act of public violence must face consequences, regardless of the races or perceived races of those involved. At the time of this writing, we have not seen any information that leads us to think justice has been or will be served in this case.

This clip is particularly disturbing because it illustrates what a city looks like in the absence of law enforcement. Peace and tranquility are not default settings; protecting businesses and families from lawlessness and crime takes hard, backbreaking work from our law enforcement officers.

If our society truly wants to end the racism that has been perpetuated for many years in Democrat-run cities, that goal must go both ways. True prejudice will not end if retribution is part of the equation; either we say goodbye to racism – all of it – or the racial divide in our nation will grow instead of contracting. Those who make peace (Matthew 5:9) will be blessed.

Seattle is only a few steps behind Portland. Without a robust and respected law enforcement presence, the city will have nowhere to go but into chaos. Businesses will burn, residents will suffer, and families will be thrown deeper into hardship.

“The single greatest social pathology in America’s poor urban communities is the breakdown of the nuclear family—and BLM says it wants this trend to continue, and lists its continuation as a principal goal of the organization,” said Chicago pastor Corey Brooks.

This is the time for our elected leaders – both Democrats and Republicans – to take a stand against this sort of lawless bullying and violence. This problem isn’t going to go away without concerted effort; the riots in Minneapolis proved that inaction by the governors and mayors doesn’t result in peace.

Mayor Durkan and Governor Inslee have a clear choice if they desire to help all black lives and all Americans: work with Christians and social conservatives to support effective law enforcement, protect Washingtonians, and promote family.  If they continue to ignore the growing evil that promotes vigilante violence, score settling and hatred, the destruction of our state and society is inevitable!

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