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Who Won?

While the final results of last night’s election may not be known for another few days or even weeks, the results have, without a doubt, again shocked the mainstream media, leftist pollsters, and Big Tech propagandists who, for months, insinuated that Joe Biden’s lead was insurmountable, and that conservatives stood little to no chance of defeating the “big blue wave.”

First off, the biggest loser of the night was the now-obvious-to-all, corrupt polling industry. We now know that dozens of Biden-skewed polls were not mistakes, but rather fabricated lies aimed at influencing the outcome of national elections. This makes two elections in which they, with a couple of exceptions, have shown themselves to have zero integrity or credibility. Reading tea leaves will get one closer to the truth of who Americans support; trusting the mainstream polling organizations to do their job correctly is useless.

The results of Washington State’s elections were very disappointing. R-90, the SeXXX Education Mandate, was upheld by voters, meaning that parents have little recourse against schools who want to teach radical sex education. It is time for us to take all our children and grandchildren out of the public-school system.

Meanwhile, Governor Inslee and the other Democrat statewide candidates cruised to re-election against Loren Culp and the other Republican candidates — except for Secretary of State Kim Wyman. No changes are expected in our Congressional delegation or state Supreme Court, as no seats changed party or ideological control.

In the Washington State Legislature, Republicans may lose 1 seat in the Senate and 2 in the House. The Democrats knocked off two mainstream liberals, Sen. Mark Mullet (LD 5), Rep. Zach Hudgins (LD 11), in favor of more radical liberals, and the Republicans defeated two of the last three moderate Democrats (Takko and Blake) left in the legislature.

The two takeaways for Democrats with these results is that, in future elections, we can expect many more liberal incumbents to be knocked off by the radicals who are taking over the Democrat Party. There is now perhaps only one, self-described moderate Democrat (Hobbes) left in the legislature. I expect he will be gone soon, as our state Democratic Party lurches way more to the left.

As for Republicans at the national level, it was a much happier night. Republicans appear poised to retain control of the U.S. Senate – a great victory that essentially guarantees that Democrats, even if Joe Biden were to become president, would not be able to “pack the U.S. Supreme Court,” or pass other radical bills.

In the U.S. Senate, it looks like the Republicans beat the polls (go figure) by a wide margin with unexpected wins by Susan Collins in Maine and Thom Tillis in North Carolina, though Cory Gardner lost in Colorado and Martha McSally lost in Arizona. If current numbers hold, the Republicans will maintain at least a 51-49 or perhaps a 52-48 majority in the chamber.

So, court packing, eliminating the filibuster, the addition of new states, and the dozens of other ugly bills the Democrats were threatening to pass are all dead on arrival. No matter what happens with the President Trump, the radical Democrat agenda is dead for the next two years.

And in Congress, Republicans were initially, according to the polls, expected to lose a dozen seats. But it appears they are poised to actually pick up a half a dozen Democrats seats, thinning by a third Speaker Pelosi’s majority and putting her in a much tougher position to ascend to leadership with the ascendent radicals in her caucus.

As of this writing, President Trump still has a shot to win a second term. He leads in Pennsylvania (by 193,000 votes with 88% reporting), North Carolina (by 80,000 with 94% reporting), and in Georgia (by 40,000 with 98% reporting). However, the President is still one state short and must pick up a win in either Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, or Michigan to reach 270. Expect long legal battles to determine the final results.

We expect updates throughout the week and will keep you up-to-date as we learn more. Soon, I will have a comprehensive look on the future of our state and nation as the “final lessons learned” on this historic election become apparent. There is a great realignment coming to America and only one party and one ideology will be on the right side of “history!”

Thank you for showing up to vote, and for remaining committed to making our Christian values a reality in Washington State. Keep your prayers going, as our next President is still to be determined.

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