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Why Governor Inslee Should Stand Up to Big Tech, Media

Over the past year, the radical “woke” giants of Big Tech and media have developed a reputation for altering and deleting posts and stories they don’t agree with – from information about the pandemic to efforts to manipulate the outcomes of last year’s elections.

For months, FPIW and those concerned about their increasing suppression of Christian and conservative political thought, have heard of potential reforms to Section 230, a portion of the federal law which enables companies like Facebook, Twitter and others to modify or remove content or cancel a person at will.

Something is wrong with America when pornographers, abortionists, Antifa, drug dealers, prostitutes, and Communist China are treated much better on social media and by corporate America, than Christians, Republicans, or conservatives. Burning a flag, a bible, or a police station is protected free speech, but if one dares to object to another’s pronouns or speak the truth about society or sexuality, one is likely to be censored or canceled.

Finally, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida said what we’ve all been thinking: enough is enough!

Governor DeSantis has proposed sweeping and appropriate reforms to laws governing social media platforms which would penalize companies that de-platform candidates for public office and fine entities that set algorithms designed to suppress content of a particular political ideology or speech. Plus, DeSantis is pushing for the ability of Floridians to opt out of corporate “curation” of content altogether, letting people see all opinions – no filter.

His proposal has been received enthusiastically because Big Tech and media’s role in indoctrination is reaching frightening heights. Social media platforms are no longer a place to debate ideas and express varying opinions. Now, left-wing radicals like Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) set parameters for which opinions and expressions are acceptable; of course, Christians and their values are hardly welcome.

If Governor DeSantis is able to see these reforms through, all citizens will benefit. Besides concerns over political content moderation, many Americans are noticing that huge companies like Amazon and Google are expanding to alarming levels of reach and power. Even Governor Inslee, whose political allies certainly benefit from this tomfoolery, should be able to see that this woke corporate monopoly is building power that will be hard, if not impossible, to control.

Yes, the suppression of free speech alone is concerning, and the extension of this monopoly is worrisome. But those wary to push for serious reforms with these tech and media companies fail to recognize the power to influence political leadership and the outcome of elections.

What if those companies opposed your candidate, or your business, or your Church? Would you like an arrangement where they had no oversight and could silence you in order to help the candidates or business or Church who didn’t share your values?

When companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Google and others collude to alter content presentation and remove dissenting thought, our elections, and our society, can no longer be considered free.

Now that President Biden has been sworn in, these woke corporations are no longer hiding their involvement in the influence of elections. Radical leftists are actually celebrating the systematic actions of these shadow actors to oust President Trump and put progressives into office. Some act as though the Big Tech and Media conglomerates are somehow national saviors.

We have reached a point at which these pagan extremists – who are allowed to maintain their voices on social media and other cultural platforms – have outright disdain for free speech, a basic foundational principle of the United States. These thought police are no longer willing to tolerate disagreement and are fighting to ensure all dissenting thought is suppressed, and that individual critical thinkers are cancelled in their personal and professional lives.

Governor DeSantis set a great example for all state leaders. Those who truly care about the preservation of this country will agree that citizens should be able to share their opinions without manipulation by the Big Tech and Media monopoly. These giants will not change their policies on their own.

Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has sued Facebook before. I hope and pray he and Governor Inslee will consider busting the corporate monopoly to create truly free, fair elections and restore free speech in American society.

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