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Why Isn’t the New Bathroom Rule Posted Online?

In the last week we have been covering a new rule passed by the Washington State Human rights commission has passed a making it illegal to prevent a man from going into a women’s restroom if he says he is a woman.  It also applies to women who want to go into the men’s room, but we suspect that’s less of an issue.

The rule is actually much worse than originally feared.

Because this is so outrageous, many people have sought to independently verify that this rule actually exists and actually does what we have said it does.

Those efforts have been complicated by the fact that the new rule (WAC 162-32) has not been posted anywhere by the Code Reviser or the Human Rights Commission.  We had the same issue, so we reached out to the Human Rights Commission to ask them why the new rule was not posted anywhere.  Here is their response.


HRC Question Response

So, we don’t know when it will be online. But it is very real. If you would like our analysis of this issue you can click here.   To read the final version of the rule you can click here.

If you have thoughts about the new rule, you can contact your legislators by calling them through the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  You can also email them by clicking here. By providing your address in the email tool, you can email all your legislators at once.

Remember, silence is consent.



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