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Why Moderate Republican Governors are Losing the Religious War Here in America

Republicans usually are consistent and faithful in their beliefs. It was one of the reasons that I left the anti-Christian Democratic Party – a place where my Christian beliefs about society and policy had become offensive. I still wanted to express my beliefs through the public policy process and found a welcome home in the Republican Party, which was thankfully still very welcoming to faithful Christians in Washington State.

Unfortunately, today’s Republican leaders are making the same mistakes the Democratic Party made in Washington State: They’re casting out faith in favor of humanism and a radical “hands-off” viewpoint on many issues (drugs, abortion, child abuse, pornography, and societal sexual immorality). It’s not just the so-called “moderate” Republican governors that are guilty of this. Even those that are supposed to be among the most conservative, Christian governors in the nation are cautiously and cunningly rejecting faith and Christian values through the veto process.

First, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem caved. After openly asking the legislature to pass legislation to protect women’s sports, she inexplicably vetoed their straightforward bill and replaced it with a bizarre mixture of executive orders. Her maneuvers may be seen as savvy to the casual observer but it’s clear that behind closed doors, corporate elites were able to bully her into submission. The NCAA is currently doing the same thing in Louisiana, threatening to move its championship games away from New Orleans, where legislators have introduced similar bills.

Secondly, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed a bill that prevented doctors from performing sex change surgeries or prescribing puberty blocking drugs to children. He inexplicably came out supporting what is clearly child abuse because, as he said, the bill “went too far.” Stopping child mutilation and abuse is now considered a bad thing? Governor Hutchinson deservedly got roasted by Tucker Carlson on national television for it.

As if that weren’t enough, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey rejected the legislature’s sex education proposal because he said it was “too vague.” How is protecting children from Planned Parenthood’s culture of death and the LGBT lobby’s X-rated indoctrination programs too vague?

Lastly, just this week, we have North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum imitating Gov. Noem’s in opposing Christians, conservatives and the vast number of Republicans in vetoing a bill that would have banned biological men from participating in girls’ sports. Enough is enough.

We have no time for fear or equivocation: If Republican governors don’t step up to fight in this war against Christians, children, and the Judeo-Christian values that underpin Christian and supposed Republican beliefs, our children will continue to be manipulated and abused and the Republican Party will soon be as “woke” and sinful as Democrats. These are red-state governors for goodness sakes – where the electorate likes Judeo-Christian values implemented into public policy and desires a return to normalcy circa 2000.

Let me pose these questions: If protecting women’s sports isn’t meant to become law, will we be happy with it being destroyed? If blocking a law that prevents children from becoming medical experiments “goes too far,” are we saying that it’s okay for children to be abused in medical experiments? If the Christian model of sex education is too strict, what gets implemented instead? Certainly, there’s nothing “moderate” about Planned Parenthood’s and the LGBT lobby’s deadly sex education indoctrination program.

The notion of compromise is a laudable goal, but it’s impossible in today’s political climate to find middle ground when the goals and truths of each side are so far apart.

If Republican governors and elected leaders won’t cast aside their fears, turn to the Gospel, and begin to fight back in this religious war against Christians, children, and all that is good, the left’s pagan agendas and ideas will win by default, and America and the freedom we all hold most dear will be destroyed.

The left has almost complete control over the media, corporate elites, Big Tech, and the entertainment industry. Republicans must assert their beliefs and platforms – otherwise, they will cease to exist in positions of power.

It is time to test all Republicans who run for office and replace those who cannot fight back against the coming evil. We have a few years to ensure Christians have true champions running for office, before it becomes too late.

It’s time to use the roles of authority God has given us (Luke 10:19) and implement policies that honor Him and conform to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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