Why SB 5044, Critical Race Theory Are Fundamentally Flawed

Last year, since the final passage of the new SeXXX Education mandates, radicals in our state have continued to turn our public schools into indoctrination centers, designed to sexualize children and promote destructive and promiscuous sexual and gender identity ideologies.

This year, the indoctrination of our school children may be increased to even higher, uglier heights by a new bill that will actually promote racism, segregation, and hatred — with a Marxist bent.

While it is not surprising that elected Democrats, including President Biden, are promoting Critical Race Theory, citizens need to be aware that our public schools will soon have two massive programs designed to turn American against American, and children against their parents and against churches.

Let me be blunt: this ideology, like the SeXXX Education mandate, is designed specifically to destroy Christians in America. Please read about what’s already being taught in Seattle’s public schools. If this racist ideology doesn’t frighten every parent in Washington State, I don’t what will.

SB 5044, sponsored by State Sen. Mona Das from Kent, would require schools to implement comprehensive training on “cultural competency” and establish programs “identified for equity, diversity, antiracism, and inclusion,” and “must consider various races, ethnicities, religions, disabilities, sexualities, and genders.”

What exactly does this mean for schools in Washington? Not good things.

This nation was founded on the principle of freedom and justice for all, and the belief that the American dream is for everyone; it does not matter your race, color, creed, or any other physical characteristic – as long as you work hard and pursue excellence, there is opportunity for success.

Critical Race Theory is fundamentally opposed to that notion and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Marxist paradigm insists that everything in life must be examined through the lens of race and categorically organizes the masses into the “oppressors” or “oppressed.” This effectively means that individual actions have zero consequences. In other words, one’s triumphs and failures can only be attributed to external forces, and the oppressor is almost always a white person.

Even if someone of another race, say Asian or Hispanic, speaks out against this evil ideology, they are quickly dismissed as contaminated with “whiteness” or “patriarchy” or “privilege.”

Examining everything from this inherently racist lens will not only increase racial divisions and hatred in both Washington and the country, but Critical Race Theory and the training that would be required by SB 5044 are also fundamentally flawed in their representation of the history of the Constitution and our nation.

Proponents of CRT are attempting to undermine the validity of our nation’s core documents, arguing that, because the founding fathers had not completely rooted out slavery at America’s christening, all the principles of the Constitution are based on lies and racism.

Under this ideology, society no longer sees value in those founding documents. What would stop the radical pagans from destroying every statue and removing every reference to our founding? Sadly, I expect the movement to erase and rename Washington State — and all other cities or counties named after anyone white or male — to be mainstream among leftist thinkers within five years.

If passed, SB 5044 would ensure that our education system indoctrinates children from the first moment they enter school through their exit from the system. Karl Marx wanted education completely in the hands of the state in order to win soldiers for his violent Communist revolution; it was Vladimir Lenin who said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

SB 5044’s emphasis on implementing programs which must temper views based on characteristics like ethnicity, sexuality, and gender further promotes the flawed worldview that there is no truth or single reality and that everyone is allowed to have their own “personal” truths which are based on feelings, not facts.

Any institutions, like Christianity, that do profess a fundamental truth, will be labeled evil and racist. Basically, if one is not an “anti-racist” as defined by the new, woke diversity and equity elite, then one is a racist and must be held “accountable.”

Enabling the masses to adopt this type of worldview supports the idea that there is no true morality. Through this lens, there is no right or wrong, no good or evil. This teaches our children that individual actions do not have consequences, that religion and parents, especially married male and female parents, are evil, and that the institutions of marriage and faith are destructive, bigoted institutions.

One will not hear of these controversies from our pagan press, from Big Tech companies, or from any mainstream media institution. They have adopted evil, and left sanity, and too many Christians have drunk the Kool-Aid.

It is time for all faithful Christians, especially pastors, to speak up with the truth of the Gospel. For it is only Jesus Christ’s words which will change the hearts and minds of those oblivious to the darkness spreading here in Washington and in America.

Let your elected officials and neighbors know: SB5044 must be stopped.

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