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Will Washington Be a Safe Haven for Abortion?

Even the often hapless and consistently radical Washington Post is suggesting that Roe is likely to be overturned this year with their recent headline, As March for Life returns to D.C., antiabortion activists wonder: Is this the last march under Roe?” The article features pro-life leaders throughout the nation awaiting post-Roe America:

“The mood is incredibly different today. This could potentially be the last March for Life that happens under Roe. All the work the pro-life movement has been doing for years is coming to an apex now with the Supreme Court decision upcoming. There’s a tremendous amount of hope and excitement in the movement,” says Peter Range, the executive director at Ohio Right to Life.

It’s true – we are immensely hopeful for a favorable outcome in the Dobbs case, and if God wills Roe’s reversal in 2022, we will praise Him and shout for joy. A post-Roe nation, however, will likely make our pro-life work here in Washington that much more important. A recent article from a local NPR station, Spokane Public Radio, has a much more unpleasant headline than the Post story: “If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion providers say patients will turn to Washington state for care.”

First, it’s absurd to equate the mutilation and killing of an unborn child, a precious human being, with “healthcare.” Let me be clear to all: abortion and the killing of babies is not healthcare, but child sacrifice, no different from Aztec human sacrifice temples or Nazi death camps. Just as assisted suicide is not healthcare. Nor is providing a person with free heroin or meth until dead in a “safe” injection site healthcare. These all are acts of evil, and it is insane and depraved to consider these actions “healthcare.”

Aside from the euphemisms, it is true that without Christian opposition, abortions will increase in Washington as Planned Parenthood and the culture of death are in overdrive to increase abortions in our state. Women from other states with stronger pro-life protections already come to Washington seeking abortions. Abortions will likely increase if SCOTUS rules to overturn Roe in the Dobbs case, because many states have trigger laws in place that will effectively ban abortion when that happens.

Some believe that Washington will be a perverse type of “safe haven” for abortion if Roe is overturned.

To end abortion in our state, it’s vital that we foster a culture of life, meaning we affirm the value of every life, born and unborn, in the public sphere. The most effective way of doing so is to pass legislation that will protect and promote life in government and in schools.

Our 2022 Christian Policy Agenda includes several pro-life initiatives. We are also opposing four bills (HB1809, HB1851, SB5688, SB5776) which will increase abortions in Washington State.

We strongly support the overturn of Roe and the repeal of Washington abortion statues. We also plan to form a “Saving All Babies” Commission which will set a state public health and human services goal to reduce abortions by 50% over 5 years. Lastly, our agenda includes increasing support for adoptions, vulnerable new mothers, and single parents, and having all schools promote a life ethic, rather a culture of death.

We are nearing an exciting turning point for the pro-life movement, but there is much work left to be done in Washington. With your prayers and support, we can start a new conversation and implement our life-saving policy agenda that not only protects life through the law but sends a message and provides a spiritual tonic to our sick culture: Human life, at all stages, is invaluable, not disposable.

We must wake up our neighbors to the horrors of abortion and return the state to Christian values. We must pray for Gov. Inslee and those elected leaders who have adopted a culture of death. Whether our neighbors wake up to the reality of abortion or not, we are obligated to charge ahead with prayers and action for the sake of what is good and just.

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